Softball Weekly Blast for Oct. 5

This is the final regular season of 2020 season softball bulletins.  Please ensure your association members are made aware of these issues pertinent to softball including, but not limited to, game issues, rule interpretations, etc.  This issue will cover items of importance as we approach playoffs.

PLATE MEETING: Both umpires and both coaches SHALL wear facial coverings during the pre-game plate meeting. There have been several instances where umpires are not following this directive. This is not optional, it is required. Umpires do not have to wear masks after the pre-game meeting if they choose not to.

TEAM FACIAL COVERINGSAll players, coaches, etc. are required to wear facial coverings when in the dugout.  If they fail to do so the umpires are required to file a Game Report.  The facial covering worn by the teams may have the school logo on them.

GAME BALLS: Each defensive team is responsible for their own game balls.  At the beginning of each half inning the catcher shall show (not hand) the ball to the home plate umpire for visual inspection. When a ball goes out of play, the defensive team shall retrieve the ball and provide another game ball to the catcher who will repeat the inspection process with the home plate umpire.

PITCHER USE OF ROSIN:  There have been several instances where umpires have allowed pitchers to bring and use rock rosin on the field. Rule 6-2-2 allows the pitcher to use powdered rosin or comparable drying agent to dry hand. Rock rosin is illegal and cannot be used.

POST SEASON: We are entering the post season.  As we stressed all season it is your responsibility to enforce the rules as written, not as you choose to enforce them.  We have observed umpires ignoring the requirement to wear uniforms properly, wearing the arm/wrist band in locations other than the arm/wrist, wearing jewelry (cloth friendship bracelets may not be worn). Also, we have also observed umpires ignoring/refusing to call illegal pitches.  You have no option other than to enforce the rules as written, and not as you like merely to get through the game. When the rules and policies are enforced as written, problems during the games are greatly reduced. THIS IS POST SEASON, ENFORCE THE RULES.

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