Softball Weekly 'Blast' for Sept. 29


AL DATTOLO – In light of the recent tragic accident involving Al Dattolo, GHSA Softball Liaison and Rules Interpreter I really don’t have much to present to you this week. I will provide more information as it is made available.

END OF SEASON – Keep in mind the “final” regular season playing date is Thursday, October 12.  No games shall be scheduled after that date.  Region seeds advancing to the State Tournament are due in the MIS System no later than 12:00 noon on Friday, October 13. The Super Regionals start Monday October 16 and continue through the 19th.  The “Super Regional Team Instructions” are attached to this Blast and available on the GHSA website.

NFHS Softball Weekly Rule Interpretations

 Situation 1:  With R1 on second base and no outs, B2 hits a deep fly ball to left field. As R1 is approaching home, F7 throws toward home but the throw is offline toward the fence drawing F2 into R1’s path resulting in contact between the two players. R1 recovers and is able to touch home without any issue. The plate umpire makes no signal, after the ball is dead the third base coach asks if F2 running into R1 was obstruction. The plate umpire tells the coach that since R1 was able to continue to home and score there was nothing. RULING: Incorrect ruling, incorrect procedure. Any time that a fielder not in possession of the ball or not making an initial play on a batted ball, impedes the progress of a runner that is legally running the bases obstruction has occurred. In this play, as soon as R1 was impeded (they slowed down, adjusted their path etc., any reaction R1 had to F2’s position or actions) obstruction occurred and should be signaled with a delayed dead ball signal and a verbal of “obstruction”. As with situation 1 above, consistently enforcing the rules by correctly indicating a violation has occurred (delayed dead ball signal and verbal) every time it happens is critical when the obstruction results in a runner being awarded a base. (8-4-3b, 8-4-3b Penalties)  

Situation 2: With R1 on first base and no outs, B2 hits a deep fly ball to left field. As R1 rounds second base and is headed to third base they are obstructed by F6. R1 is able to regain their footing and is put out on a close play sliding into third base, at this point B2 is two steps away from second base. When R1 is put out, the umpire signals and verbalizes, “Dead Ball that was obstruction this runner (pointing to R1) is awarded third base and that runner (pointing to B2) is awarded second base”. RULING: Correct ruling.  It is umpire judgement as to the base(s) that a runner would have reached had there not been obstruction. In this case, the umpire judged that R1 would have safely reached third base had there been no obstruction. Also as detailed in NFHS rules the obstructed runner and each other runner affected by the obstruction will be awarded the base or bases which would have been reached, in the umpire's judgment, had there not been obstruction. Since R1, the obstructed runner, was put out prior to reaching the base that would have been reached had there not been obstruction a dead ball is called. This dead ball, which was caused by enforcing the obstruction, affected B2 as they were kept from reaching second base. Due to B2 being affected by the obstruction they are awarded second base, the base the umpire judged they would have reached had there not been obstruction. (8-4-3b, 8-4-3b PENALTIES 1)  


  1. The Super Regional series will be hosted by the #1 seeded team in each 4-team pod.  The Super Regional shall be a 4-team double-elimination format.
    1. Play dates: October 16 & 17 (A-D2, 3A, 5A, 7A) October 18 & 19 (A-D1, 2A, 4A, 6A)
    2. The #1 Seed (Host School) shall play the 1st game of the Super Regional
    3. Games scheduled with starting times prior to 3:00 PM are subject to availability of umpire crews.
    4. Contest officials will be assigned by the GHSA Office.  If you are hosting and you have NOT heard from the game officials no later than (48) hours in advance of the first game, contact the GHSA Office. 
    5. The higher seeded team shall be the “home” team in each game.
    6. The host school is responsible for the following:
      1. Official game balls (2 per game)
      2. Secure dressing area for umpires
      3. Ticket gate personnel
      4. Site Security & Game Manager
      5. Set up GoFan account for ticketing
      6. On-site lightning detection system

NOTE:  The designated home team each game is responsible for keeping the official score book

  1. FINANCES as follows:
      1. Ticket prices are $12.00 per day or $20.00 2-day pass. 
      2. All tickets sold exclusively on GoFan (
      3. The host school shall contact GoFan to set up the exclusive ticket link for your respective Super Regional.
      4. The district umpire assignment coordinator assigned to each series is responsible to invoice the host schools for umpire fees prior to, or within 24 hours following, the final game by agreement with the host school. Games will be assigned as a 3-person umpire crew.
      5. Please complete the Fast-Pitch State Softball Playoffs Financial Report as found on the Forms page of the GHSA website within 10 days of the event conclusion.  NOTE:  The “Financial Report” form can be found in the GHSA Forms booklet, or on the GHSA web site.
  2. All other GHSA Policies and Procedures pertaining to the State Tournament apply unless otherwise specified.  (Refer to page 80  of the GHSA White Book)
    1. Each participating team member is allowed free admission at the site in which they are participating until their team is eliminated from the tournament.
    2. ONLY GHSA Coaches Passes and officials with a GHSA Official’s Pass are to be admitted at no charge with proof of identification. 
    3. Each school is responsible for the behavior of its coaches, players, and spectators.  Therefore, the behavior and sportsmanship of spectators is a high priority and must be monitored by on-site school administrators. 
    4. Only “Team Essential Personnel” are allowed in the team dugouts. “Spirit” individuals, non-playing students, coaches’ children, photographers etc. are NOT considered “Team Essential Personnel”.
    5. Teams advancing to the “Elite Eight” in Columbus will find “Softball Elite Eight Team Instructions” on the GHSA web site.
    6. If your team advances to the Elite Eight in Columbus there is a MANDATORY Head Coach Zoom call Monday, October 23 @ 7:00 PM. Failure to be represented on the call will result in a $250.00 fine. The call link is:

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