Softball Weekly 'Blast' for September 13


ILLEGAL PITCH PENALTY  - Remember, an illegal pitch is a “DELAYED DEAD BALL”, not an immediate dead ball.  If the batter hits an illegal pitch and reaches first base, and any additional  baserunners advance at least one base, the illegal pitch is ignored. If everyone does not advance one base or the batter does not reach first base, the offensive coach has the option of taking the play or the penalty.

TEAM HUDDLES (Reminder) – We are still seeing team huddles between half inning changeovers.  Teams are not allowed to huddle outside the dugout between half inning change overs. This rule is a safety measure and shall be adhered to.

FIELD MARKINGS –  It is the responsibility of the “host school” to ensure are properly marked, including the 3-foot running lane, in accordance to NFHS rules.  If the field is not properly marked the umpires should contact the game manager, or head coach, when conducting the pregame field walkthrough.  If the field is not properly marked, and cannot be done so prior to the start of the game, the umpires shall submit a “Game Report” to the GHSA Office.

REGION TOURNAMENTS – Region tournaments are an extension of the regular season, and need to be schedule through the local umpire association of the host school(s).

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