Softball Weekly 'Blast' for September 20


BASE RUNNER INTERFERENCE – While a runner is never required to slide, if a runner causes illegal contact or illegally alters the action of a fielder while making a play the runner shall be called out, and if the action was deemed an intentional act to prevent a double play, the batter runner may also be called out.

REGION TOURNAMENTS – Region tournaments are considered to be an extension of the regular season and if played part of the varsity 30-game maximum limit.  During region tournament games the host school(s) shall use the local umpire association assigned to its regular season games.

PLAYER UNIFORMS AND JEWWLRY – Players are required to wear the game uniforms as designed by the manufacturer.  If the game jersey was manufacturer with sleeves of any length, the sleeves may not be gathered at the shoulder with any device. Jewelry may not be worn and this includes items such a “friendship bracelets” of any type material.

PLAY CARDS – If worn, the play cards shall be worn on the arm or kept in the pant packet, but not on the belt.  If worn by a pitcher it shall be worn on the non-pitching arm.

POST SEASON: We are close to entering the post season.  As has been stressed all season, it is the responsibility of the umpires to enforce the rules as written and not as some would like to see them written.  It is always easy to validate a call when it is being made within the rules of play. 

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