Softball Weekly 'Blast' for September 23

This is the fifth in a series of 2019 season weekly softball umpire bulletins.  We will cover issues pertinent to softball including, but not limited to, game issues, rule interpretations, etc.  This issue will cover items of importance.

UMPIRE INTERFERENCE: We recently had a situation where an umpire in the “B” slot collided with the runner going from first to second.  The runner was subsequently put out.  There are several points to be made concerning this situation: First, this is NOT umpire interference.  If the runner is put out the play stands. See Case Book 2.32.2.  Second, there is no excuse for this happening.  The umpire must know the situation and that the runner on first will attempt to advance on a hit.  The umpire must hesitate and allow the base runner to pass before he/she button hooks inside.  Do not try to beat the runner, let her pass.

REGION TOURNAMENTS: We are quickly approaching the end of the season and Region Tournaments will begin in a couple of weeks.  This year site host is responsible to obtain the umpires.  The host must contact the association that is responsible for their regular season games.  That association is responsible for providing umpires to cover the region tournament.  The association can only use umpires that are either post season or varsity qualified and have a tier level no lower than 3.  If you do not have sufficient umpires to cover the tournament you MUST contact your district coordinator for assistance.  Do not contact another association directly and do not go outside your district to obtain umpires.  This year, the umpire fee for region tournaments is $56.00 per umpire per game plus travel. First and second round assignments will still be made by the District Coordinator.

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