Softball Weekly 'Blast' for September 27


PLATE MEETING –The pregame plate meeting should last no longer than 5-6 minutes. This meeting is designed to make introductions, exchange and review lineup cards, discuss relevant ground rules, and receive an assurance from both coaches that their players are using legal equipment and uniforms.  This is NOT the time to present a “Rules Clinic”.

BETWEEN HALF INNINGS – Teams have ONE MINUTE between half innings to allow the pitcher to take 5 warmup pitches, etc.  The time starts when the last out is recorded.  If the catcher is the last batter, or was on base when the 3rd out was recorded, the coach should have someone ready to receive the warm-up pitches while the catcher is putting the equipment on.

PROFESSIONALISM – When a coach makes a lineup/substitution change do not yell the change to the opposing coach.  Display a level of professionalism by walk to the opposing coach to communicate the change in the lineup. 

TEAM HUDDLES – Teams are not allowed to huddle outside the dugout between half inning change overs. This is still being observed and allowed. A coach should be “warned” one time, and failure to comply shall result in the coach being restricted to the dugout. This rule is a safety policy and shall be adhered to.

STARTING THE GAME – A team start the game with nine players.  As such, they will not have access to a “courtesy runner”, nor may the last out be used as a “pinch runner”.  They may finish with eight, but must start with nine.

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