Softball Weekly 'Blast' for September 6


BATS The 2021 “Non-Approved” Bat List may be located on the GHSA website. Go to the Fast-Pitch tab under the Sports & Activities heading.  Then go to the Quick Source heading on the page and click on “Area Assignments & Non-Approved Bat List”.  There will be a link for the list.  Keep in mind it is the responsibility of every host school to have a copy of the list displayed in both dugouts.

UMPIRE UNIFORMS – At recent visits to games it has been noted that at some sites umpires’ appearance is unsatisfactory.  Wearing uniforms that do not fit properly (to large or small); are not official (shirt color, type, having patch sewn on, etc.).  When you are on the field you are representing the GHSA, your association and yourself.  Your appearance is the first impression you make on coaches, players, and spectators. If you give the impression, you do not care how you look then everyone will assume you do not care about the game.  Appearance is half the battle. The playing rules have coaching requirements for apparel, and so does the manual for umpires.

RUNNING LANE – The 3-foot running lane begins 30 feet from home plate. When the batter-runner reaches the running lane, she MUST use it.  She may run outside the running lane to avoid a fielder attempting to field a batted ball.  The batter-runner is considered outside the running lane if either foot is completely outside the lane and on the ground. It is interference if she is outside the running lane and, in the umpire’s judgement, interferes with the fielder taking the throw at first base.  There MUST be a throw for interference to be called.

PITCHING (Once again) - Pitchers shall take, or simulate taking, a signal from the pitcher’s plate and have a distinguishable pause after the hands come together prior to starting the pitch.  If not, an “illegal pitch” shall be called. She cannot take the sign from behind the pitcher’s plate, step on the pitcher’s plate and immediately start the motion of the pitch.  Pitchers continue to violate this requirement and umpires continue not to call it.  Enforce the rule now before the post season starts.

CANCELLED GAMES – As we continue to experience the cancellation of games due to weather or COVID, we need to understand we are at a point in the season that you may not be able to make up some of the non-region games. This problem is also compounded due to the availability of umpire to cover the games.  Keep in mind, GHSA member schools’ varsity games are the priority, and need to take precedence over sub-varsity, middle school, and non-GHSA games.

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