Some Answers for Cheer/Dance Coaches

I want to share the questions/answers I have received recently: 

1. If a team has to withdraw from a competition for any reason including Covid-19, uniforms, etc. entry fees may be kept by the host school since there is a signed contract in place.

2. If a coach sent a contract but failed to send the entry fee-- and, then decides to cancel, he/she must still send the entry fee. You are bound by a contract. 

3. If it is more than 4 weeks out and you realize you have to cancel (it would not be Covid since you would not know 4 weeks in advance) a host may choose to return your entry fee. However, they are under no obligation. There are no restitituion fees this year.

4. Judges should be paid at the competition with the amount specified on the contract or in the information sent to them earlier (rotation schedule). Hosts are not returning entry fees so that money will cover the judge's pay, as well. In dance, the number of teams is not an issue. 

5. Please read over the guidelines found at

6. Information about Game Day will be posted sometime next week. 

Have a great day!

Penny Pitts Mitchell
Associate Director
Cheerleading & Dance/Title IX/Gymnastics/SAAC

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