Special Volleyball Considerations and Rules Modifications



The considerations outlined in this document are meant to decrease potential exposure to respiratory droplets by encouraging social distancing, limiting participation in administrative tasks to essential personnel and allowing for appropriate protective equipment during practice and competition.

1. Host School Responsibility
• Schools shall provide hand sanitizer for both schools and officials.
• Schools shall enforce social distancing requirements in spectator areas.
• Schools shall provide enough sanitized game balls and they must be sanitized between matches.
• Schools shall sanitize court, Officials table, Referee Stand and top and bottom ban of the net between matches.

2. Player Equipment
• Volleyball players are to arrive at the venue in uniform. Use of locker rooms are not allowed.
• Face mask/coverings are recommended, but not mandatory. If worn it may have a school logo and all masks shall match. If a school logo is not used the mask must be a single color, without logos or lettering.
• Players shall use their own water/beverage bottles (sharing these items is prohibited).
• Player/team equipment shall be sanitized before and after each match.

3. Pre-Match Conference
• Limit attendees to one coach and one captain from each team and official(s).
• Pre-match conference should take place with all participants maintaining social distancing.
• Establish social distancing match protocols including the elimination of handshakes before and after the match.
• Rosters shall be submitted directly to Official’s table before the 10-minute mark.

4. Bench and Court Precautions
• Teams will have two options concerning bench areas: 1) benches are to be clearly marked with tape, chairs are not allowed in the marked bench area, and the entire team will proceed counterclockwise outside the standards when switching between sets or 2) if all teams agree, one day before the match, the bench area may be utilized as outline in the NFHS Volleyball Rule 3 Section 5 with socially distancing and teams will not switch between sets.
• Players shall not exit the bench area to celebrate with teammates and/or fans.
• Team huddles without social distancing are prohibited.
• Limit bench personnel to observe social distancing.
• Social distancing requirements shall be maintained in the bench area and may extend the bench area into a clearly marked “out of play” area.
• Players are prohibited from licking, touching any part of their hands to the mouth, or blowing into their hands. NOTE: Any violation of this policy shall be called an “unnecessary delay” immediately, the ball and any equipment shall be sanitized before play resumes.
• Each school is required to provide towels to wipe up wet floor.

5. Substitution Procedures and Officials Table
• Substitutions shall be made with social distancing to official(s), scoring table and other players.
• Limit the Official’s Table to essential personnel which includes home team scorer, libero tracker and timer with social distancing between individuals.
• Visiting team personnel are not deemed essential personnel and will work from an alternate location.

6. Coaches & Officials
• Officials should arrive in uniform to officiate.
• Officials are encouraged to wear face mask/covering and gloves.
• Coaches who request a timeout to discuss a rule, shall maintain social distancing from the official(s).
• Coaches shall always maintain social distancing to own players and opponents.
• Electronic whistles are permissible.
• Line judges will use hand signals – no flags.

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