Student Athlete Leadership Conference on May 6

The Student Athlete Leadership Conference will be held Friday, May 6 at the Macon Marriott Convention Center, organized by the GHSA Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC). Begun in 2018, the conference is open to all GHSA member schools, who register to attend.  

This forum coordinated by SAAC purposes to share great ways for student-athletes to successfully manage life with a difficult academic load and participating in competitive athletics, while still having fun with friends and family. Participants are also encouraged to identify their strengths and learn creative ways to successfully lead in their schools, teams and life.
An outstanding line-up of speakers include: The Magic of Stephen, Justin Brown, Rev. Billy Beard, Novan Kothari, Caleb Brown, Tina Hester, Jada Coggins and SAAC.  View SLC handout with bios.  (Click here for the Program
8:30-9:30 am: Registration
9:30-9:40 am: Welcome & Intro
9:40-9:50 am: Ernie Yarbrough, Associate Director / Coordinator of Officiating
9:50 -10:40 am: Kick Off with Magic of Stephen
10:40-11:10 am: Breakout Session 1
11:10-11:40 am: Breakout Session 2
11:45-12:15 pm: Lunch 
12:15-12:35 pm: Caleb Brown - “Inspiration Through Art"
12:40–1:10 pm; Breakout Session 3
1:15-1:45 pm: Breakout Session 4
1:50-2:00 pm: Closing with SAAC
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