Updated Cheerleading and Dance dates for 2020-21

Please see below the revised dates for Cheerleading, GameDay Cheerleading and Dance


Cheerleading and Dance dates for 2020-21

Sep. 1: Last day for choreography/camps

Oct. 1: Last day to apply for a sanctioned event

Oct. 15: Last day for teams to register for competitions

Oct. 22: Competition hosts must declare if their event made or is cancelled. Officials’ associations will be assigned to the host.

Oct. 30: Event hosts must add competing teams into the MIS site. (app.ghsa.net)

Sep. 1-Oct. 24: Teams are allowed up to 3 days per week for competition practice.

Oct. 24: First day for regular season practice and official beginning of season.

Nov. 7: First day for competitions

Dec. 1-18: Game day camps/choreography allowed. (Final year for this allowance)

Jan. 15: Rosters due on MIS site

Feb. 6: Region cheerleading/Coed and A sectionals

Feb. 13: Dance championships

Feb. 15-16: Competition cheerleading sectionals and finals

Feb. 27: Game day championships

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