Volleyball Weekly 'Blast' for September 10

This is the second of 2018 season volleyball officials’ bulletins. We will cover issues pertinent to volleyball including, but not limited to, game issues, rule interpretations, etc. This issue will cover the three (3) more Rules Test Questions most frequently missed on the exam. The questions below were missed over 30% of the 452 test taken. The average score was 87 on the 452 test taken.


1. Team A hits a ball out on Team B's side. The line judges call out. The first and second referee signals ball out. Team B blocker says, "I touched the ball." What action does the first referee take?
A. Accept the honor call; PTS to Team A -- CORRECT
B. Do not accept the honor call; PTS to Team B
C. yellow or red card
D. Replay

2. The centerline can be a shadow line.

3. The back row blocker is reaching higher than the net; a portion of the ball is below the top of the net when it contacts her shoulder. This is considered the team’s first contact.
Answer: Incorrect

Hope everyone is enjoying the Volleyball Season!!!

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