Volleyball Weekly 'Blast' for September 16

Volleyball Test Results:


There were 478 tests administered with the following breakdown of the results:


90-100             333                  69.7%
80-89               87                    18.2%
70-79               33                    6.9%
Below 70         25                    5.2%


Below are frequently missed questions on the Volleyball Rules Test with the percentage missed and the correct answer listed.  These items should be discussed within each association. 

A rally is stopped due to an injured libero. The coach determines the libero will not continue, and the player whom the libero replaced returns to the court. The coach then requests a substitution for the player who replaced the injured libero. The second referee informs the coach that a substitution is not permitted until there has been a completed rally.

Answer: Correct          14% incorrect


After Team S’s second team hit, the ball enters the plane of the net where it is contacted simultaneously by R3 and S3. The ball then rolls along the top of the net and into the antenna.

C.         Replay                         13% incorrect


After Team S’s third team hit, the ball enters the plane of the net where it is contacted simultaneously by R3 and S3.

B.         Team R wins the rally                         12% incorrect


Both the libero and the regular team members are wearing multiple colored jerseys that clearly contrast. What is the correct action?

A.         Allow the team to play with no penalty         24% incorrect


During the interval between sets, players from Team A warm up with practice balls on their playing court. The referees allow this action.

ANSWER: Correct        16% incorrect


Immediately after service contact by S1, the second referee whistles a position fault on Team R. The served ball hits the net and does not cross it. After verifying Team R’s lineup with the scorer, the second referee realizes that no position fault was committed by Team R.

C.         Team R wins the rally—CORRECT     22% incorrect


Player #3 is a back‐row setter. She is trying to save a ball that has been passed into the plane of the net by a teammate. While the ball is in the plane of the net, the opposing blocker #17 and the back‐row setter make simultaneous contact with the ball. What is the correct decision for the referees in this situation?

C.         An illegal back‐row block should be called against player #3.          25% incorrect


The back row blocker is reaching higher than the net; a portion of the ball is below the top of the net when it contacts her shoulder. This is considered the team’s first contact.

Answer: Incorrect       34% incorrect

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