Weekly Basketball 'Blast' for Dec. 10

Please note the following regarding scorekeepers and clock operators:
This is located in the GHSA Constitution on page 49 noted as F-2.
"The host school must provide an adult (21 or older) to maintain the official scorebook and electronic clock/scoreboard at all varsity games."
If the game manager cannot provide this, then do not play the game. Recently there were 2 sixteen year old students working the timing and scoring table at a varsity game. In JV games we would prefer adults, but we also realize schools sometimes have a difficult time getting adults off work to work the table.
On a different matter – recently in a JV game, dribbler A1 charged into and through stationary defender B1 and B1 was given a one and one opportunity. Don’t allow your partner(s) to make an error like this. Get with your partner(s) and enforce the correct penalty.
Remember that any kind of illegal contact among the 10 players on the court during a live ball cannot be ruled a technical foul. It is always a personal foul. It could be just a personal foul or an intentional personal foul or a flagrant personal foul. BUT not TECHNICAL!!!
Continue to enforce the hand checking rule – at all times.
Please read the note from NFHS regarding legality of basketballs:
Subject: Nike Basketballs

Basketball Administrators,

In the spring you were notified of a NIKE ball, HyperElite, that had been produced but could not be used by the NFHS high school community because it does not meet the description as outlined in the Basketball Rules book.  NIKE has an approved ball whose name is close to the one not allowed.

The NIKE Elite Championship ball is one that has been on our list of approved balls since 2009 and may be used by your high schools.  The NIKE HyperElite is the ball that is not approved and  should not be used by the high schools.

I have attached a picture of the two balls.  The Elite Championship, on the left, is approved.  The HyperElite, on the right, is not approved.

Please communicate with your athletic directors, coaches and officials the difference in these two balls.  Sharing the picture will assistance them with realizing the difference in the look of the two balls.

Thank you for your assistance.

Theresia D. Wynns
Director of Sports and Officials
National Federation of State High School Associations
PO Box 690 | Indianapolis, IN 46206

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