Why you Should Hire a Certified Track Builder to Renovate/Construct your Running Track

A Certified Track Builder will develop a realistic budget, layout and then build or renovate your running track facility to insure national best practices. Certified Track Builders are well-equipped to walk your facility and locate drainage issues, surface wearing and provide long-lasting solutions for your facility. They are best positioned to solve problems as they arise during construction and adhere to a Certified Builder Standards of Conduct moving forward.

Founded in 1965, the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) represents companies actively engaged in the building and designing of synthetic and natural grass sports fields, running tracks, tennis courts and suppliers of related materials. ASBA works to raise professional standards and to ensure owners receive the highest quality services through a Professional Certification Program, Education Initiatives, Construction Guidelines Publications and Awards.

By having passed a rigorous comprehensive exam on running track construction and maintenance, Certified Track Builders have demonstrated the highest level of expertise.

Certified Track Builders must be well-versed in project planning, project administration, site work, sub-grade, base work and maintenance. Certified builders must have at least three years of experience and at least twenty projects built before taking a comprehensive exam. 

Sports Turf Company currently has two Certified Track Builders as recognized by the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA). By having satisfied multiple requirements and passing a comprehensive exam, Certified Track Builders fulfill a prescribed standard of expertise in running track construction.

Please call our main office at 770-832-8691 to have one of our Certified Track Builders come out to your facility and give you an estimate to renovate or make any repairs to your running track.

Sports Turf Company has been a specialty athletics construction company for 30 years. Sports Turf constructs the finest natural grass and artificial turf fields, tracks and tennis courts. The company has three Certified Field Builders and two Certified Track Builders, as recognized by The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), making it one of the highest qualified athletics construction companies in the southeast.

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