Wrestling Weekly 'Blast' for Jan. 20


In an effort to keep you apprised of new or “re-packaged” wrestling holds/maneuvers or ideas that you might want to share with your officials. We will be submitting those tips using colorful illustrations of a questionable move/hold, or a frequent misunderstood rule, or simply some ideas on being a better official several times each month during the high school wrestling season. We hope that you and your wrestling officials will find some value in this initiative.

We are hearing more discussion about a creative way to apply to two illegal holds (in the same move) using the hammerlock and the twisting hammerlock. It is titled, The Blair Backside Tip. The move consists of several elements that ranges between potentially dangerous to illegal. It is imperative that the referee is in the correct position to watch the hold be applied while the wrestler is loading up on the shoulder with the leg. To ensure that the defensive wrestler is not seriously injured. Please advise your wrestling coaches and officials about this new initiative.


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