Congratulations to 2023 Cross Country State Champs

The 2023 GHSA Cross Country State Championships, presented by the Atlanta Track Club, were held November 3-4 at the Carrollton Course. Congratulations to the state champions: BOYS: Harrison (Last title 2019), Marist (first since 2017),  Chattahoochee, Westminster (7th straight title), Oconee County (Back-to-Back), Providence Christian, Whitefield Academy (Last won 2021) and Atlanta Classical Academy. GIRLS: Marietta (4-peat), Marist (4-peat), Decatur (Back-to-Back), Pace Academy (4-peat), Wesleyan (4-peat), Athens Academy (Last won 2002), Bleckley County (Back-to-Back) and Atlanta Classical Academy.

First time state titles:  BOYS: Chattahoochee (5A), Providence Christian (2A boys) and Atlanta Classical Academy (1A Div. 2); GIRLS: Atlanta Classical Academy (1A Div. 2). Past state champion history: Boys & Girls.  

Order action photos at GHSA Photo Gallery. Event t-shirts can be purchased at

A special thanks to Carrollton schools staff, volunteers, medics, sponsors, Atlanta Track Club (presenting sponsor), TeamIP (merchandising), Perfect Timing Group / MileSplitGA (meet results), meet officials, GHSA staff, West Georgia Sports Information Services, and supportive XC fans, whose support contributed to the success of this championship event.

Complete results are available here.

A, Division 1 Boys - Whitefield Academy

A, Division 2 Boys - Atlanta Classical Academy

2A Boys - Providence Christian

3A Boys - Oconee County

4A Boys - Westminster

5A Boys - Chattahoochee

6A Boys - Marist


7A Boys - Harrison

A, Division 1 Girls - Bleckley County

A, Division 2 Girls - Atlanta Classical Academy

2A Girls - Athens Academy

3A Girls - Wesleyan

4A Girls - Pace Academy

5A Girls - Decatur

6A Girls - Marist


7A Girls - Marietta

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