Updated Information on Cheer and Dance

Basketball cheerleading and dance: Please continue to follow the guidelines that have been put in place for cheering and/or dancing at a basketball game. https://www.ghsa.net/basketball-game-guidelines-cheer-and-dance

Many schools are limiting their number by not allowing visiting teams to bring their spirit squads (cheer and dance).  Just remember that all of us are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe during this pandemic. 

Game Day Competition: The information for Game Day Cheerleading has been on the website for at least a month. Please take a minute to look at all of the information and I hope you will enter your teams in this GHSA State Championship event!


Dance:  Dance entry fees for the state competition is December 18th. Make sure you visit the website to download the contract today to make sure it is on time. There will be a late fee for those schools that mail after the due date. https://www.ghsa.net/dance-contracts

Competitive cheerleading: The list of teams and their desginated host school has been updated on the website at https://www.ghsa.net/cheerleading-teams-2020-2021.

The finals schedule will be posted in the next few weeks. 

I am sure you will hear from me again; but, if not I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! And, a very blessed New Year!



Penny Pitts Mitchell
Associate Director
Cheer & Dance/Title IX/Gymnastics/SAAC
706-647-7473, Ext #22

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